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Terms For The Times, Way Of The Future -
If We Are To Survive As A Species

New words are born into a language to give form, content, and voice toGreenhouse Gases changing realities. The phrases Earth Healing and Earth Healer, new on our tongues in the last fifty years, embody the urgent call to action of a planet in crisis. Those hearing the words for the first time may not be certain how to heal the Earth, but they know immediately and surely it must be done.

But what exactly is "Earth Healing?" And how do we do it?

At the day to day personal level, it's recycling our garbage, supporting organic farmers, keeping backyard bird feeders, turning the thermostat down two degrees in winter, up two degrees in summer, using earth friendly cleansers in our homes, and buying the mosIndustrial damaget fuel efficient cars we can afford. At the political level, it is lobbying our congressmen for safe nuclear and toxic waste storage, for clean air, water, and food, for the immediate development of alternatives to fossil fuels, for the protection of endangered wild life and forests, the delicate tidelands and the Alaskan tundra. At the global level it's donating money to purchase and protect the rain forests and to protect old growth forests in places such as Tasmania.

For some it may also be holdingSolstice ceremony on the solstices and equinoxes and resonation circles to send energies of love and compassion to political hot spots, to people in pain, to dolphins and whales dying at the hands of careless humans, to lands in devastation. Perhaps it is learning the ways of the First Ones, the indigenous peoples of the world who honor in stark word and deed the connectedness of all things, who know and stand ready to teach the ways in which the planet's energies nourish each one of us as well as the collective Us.

Earth Healing is all of these things--and more.

Earth Healing occurs on as many levels and in as many forms as there are humans who love and honor their mother planet. In its simplest, purest form, Earth Healing is any act, no matter how simple or complex, that affirms our dependence on and reverence for the Earth from which we spring. If all humans were to bend and touch the planet with love, that would be Earth Healing.

And what of those who call themselves, Earth Healers. What manner of people are they?

Earth Healers The new Earth Healers are men and women of all races, all nationalities, all walks of life, all educational and religious backgrounds who share one central belief: the absolute certainty that Earth is not just a planet, She is Mother. Humans are not "Masters" of the Earth but Children of the Mother, suckling children dependent on their Mother for food, clothing, and shelter, for the air and water needed to live moment to moment, for the mantels of atmospheric and energetic protection that shield us from the elements above and the microbes beyond our sight and beneath our feet.

Earth Healers move in the ways of all "tribes," walk any and all roads in search of useful answers. They know that now is truly the time of the gatheringEarth Healers 5 when the answer to our complex global crisis must be found in the collective wisdom of all ages and all ways, in the power and hope of synthesis. The new breed of Earth Healer seeks to meld the highest levels of Earth wisdom and skill, past and present, into an eclectic but harmonious synthesis of cutting-edge science, ancient earth wisdom, new and old mysticism, and common sense, then apply the emerging knowledge and techniques in ways never before tried by anyone to a planet damaged in ways never before seen. Such is Earth Healing in the eclectic mode, an exciting, creative, dynamic endeavor to which Earth Healers dedicate their time, knowledge, imagination, and money in the belief such effort will prove to be Mother Earth's--and human kind's --highest best hope for the future.

We at the Ajna Center are deeply committed to Earth Healing in this new multiform mode. We invite you to touch the interconnected web of information, events, causes, reactions, and dynamic possibilities inherent in the present Earth crisis as they are understood by millions across the world. And we invite you to become an "Earth Healer" in whatever way, to whatever extent feels appropriate to you. This is the only planet we have.

If we are to continue to live here, we must love and care for her.

© 1998 by Suzanne E. Parnell, Ph.D., RM

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